Animate Your Content Plugin

Animate Your Content is a WordPress plugin that can be used to add special effects to html by placing shortcodes around content. Supported effects are Fade-In, Fly-In or Rotate. See the box Examples below to see what it can look like! If you want, you can also leave a comment or suggestion.

Also take a look at:

  • fly blocks from the left/right/top/bottom of your screen
  • various bouncing effects
  • rotate a block of text and/or images with any rotation angle
  • set total elapsed time of animation per animation element
  • set delay from start per animation element
  • set animation effects on container element, any nested elements will inherit the effects from the container.
  • set ‘delay_increment’ on animation set, which automatically adds an incremental delay on any child elements



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  1. Tarrence

    Can these effects be applied to the logo?

    1. Dennis

      Hi Tarrence,

      Never tried, but have two solutions about it:
      1) if your theme allows you to hook a widget into the top content (where the logo is) of your page, then you could try to insert an HTML block in that widget area, and add the Animate Your Content short-code in there. I think this is the neatest option
      2) if that doesnt work, then you can also try to insert the short code in the main content, and put some custom CSS on the DIV that surrounds the content that is going to be animated. This custom CSS places the whole block of content in an absolute position in the top of your screen.. it is a little bit of a hack, but could work.

      let me know how it goes.

    2. Dennis

      If you use an IMG tag for the logo, it should work

  2. Darragh McCurragh

    Looks very interesting. Can it also animate elements when a trigger is hit (e.g. when the user scrolls, say, beyond heading 1 (heading is about to disappear from view), then an image or text that comes into view, e.g. in the sidebar, is “activated”, e.g. begins to “wobble” etc.? Thanks for considering!

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