Macaw – Invoice scanning and export to Excel

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Tired of manually opening invoices and typing the amounts in Excel for your tax returns ? Macaw to the rescue! Macaw is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to open multiple invoices at once, and even better.. it will in most cases detect the total amount due of each invoice! You just have to confirm that the amount is correct with a simple click of your mouse button. The output will be an Excel file that you can use straight away.


Getting started

Macaw can be used in Windows, MacOs and Linux.

You need to have the following software installed on your machine:


Open macaw.exe (Windows) or double-click macaw.jar (any OS)

In the top of the application is the navigation bar, in the bottom the invoices will be shown and on the right the total amount of each invoice will be shown.

To get started, select a folder on your local harddrive where the invoices are located, by firsy pressing the load button in the navigation bar:

.. and then selecting a folder by browsing to the path on your harddrive and selecting open.

The invoices are now being loaded and the first invoice will be shown in the bottom section of the application.

In the navigation bar, you can see the filename of the invoice that is currently being displayed, as well as the number of invoices:

The application will try to extract the total amount due from the invoice. This amount is pre-filled in the amount input in the right section of the screen:

Please verify the amount that is being shown. In some cases the amount is not detected properly or remains empty!

When the amount entered is correct (either automatically filled or entered manually), proceed to the next invoice and repeat the above process for each invoice. You can navigate between invoices with the previous and next buttons in the navigation bar:

If an invoice contains more than one page, you can navigate between the pages with the arrow buttons, which are located just above the invoice section:

Finally, after you have processed the last invoice, you can export the amount data by clicking the export button in the navigation bar:

The save dialog will be shown. Navigate to the location where you want to store the .csv file, enter a filename (including the extension .csv) and press save:

You can then open the .csv file in for example Excel. Excel will probably open it as follows:

It does not recognize the format of the file. You can correct this by performing the following steps:

Select the first column (column A):

Then go the Data menu and press Text to columns:

In the Text to columns dialog, selec Delimited and click Next

On the next page, select Comma as separator and press Finish

The result should look like this: the first column contains the invoice filename and the second column the total amounts:

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